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    Just Tell Me Boy Or Girl!

*Value Gender Ultrasound $69+tax

  Incudes 4 black & white printed images. No frills ultrasound, just enough time for gender determination.






2D Gender Reveal $139+tax

*15 Minute 2D Ultrasound

*Gender Determination at 14+ weeks. 

*See & listen to baby's heartbeat.

*6 black and white printed images.

*Printed images also digitally sent to phone/email.

*Free Sneak Peek in 3D/4D/HD if baby is in a good position.

*Add 10 extra minutes of ultrasound time for just $29! Please mention add on when booking online. 

*Add ons available.



Early Gender Blood Draw $129

*Starting at 6 weeks.

*99.9% Accurate.

*Results in 2 business days. 

 *Available 7 days a week.

    Add Ons Available:

*Add Ultrasound, same day. $20

*2 Black & White printed images. 

*Add Gender Confirmation Ultrasound, 14-16weeks. $49

*2 Black & White printed images. 





*20 Minutes 2D/3D/4D/HDlive/Silhouette imaging.

*See & listen to Baby's Heartbeat.

*Gender Determination/Confirmation by request.

*8 black & white printed images.

*1 color printed image.

*Printed images also digitally sent to phone/email.

  *Add 10 extra minutes of ultrasound time for just $29! Please mention add on when booking online. 

*Add ons available.

Return anytime throughout same pregnancy for only $79! Mention Return Visit in Booking Notes. Valid on Premium Peek only.




$99+tax Mini Sessions

*10 Minute Ultrasound including 2D/3D/4D/5D/HDlive/Silhouette imaging. 8-40 weeks.

*See baby's heartbeat after 8 weeks.

*Listen to baby's heartbeat after 10 weeks.

*Watch baby's movements in High Definiton, HDLive and Silhouette imaging.

*Gender reveal/confirmation.

*Position check.

*6 black & white printed images. 

*Printed images also digitally sent to phone or email.

*Add ons available. 

*No Rescans or discounts.



 Heartbeat Peek $79+tax

*This 10 Minute, 2D scan is perfect for a sneak peek look at baby.

*See baby's heartbeat at 8+ weeks.

*Listen to baby's heartbeat at 10+ weeks.

*Gender & face images Not included.

*4 printed black and white images.

*Printed images also digitally sent to phone or email. 

*Add 10 extra minutes of ultrasound time for just $29! 

*Add ons available.

Just want to check on baby for peace of mind? 

*5 Minute ultrasound to see baby.

*2 black and white printed images.

Gender and 3D/4D/5D/HD face images not included. 



 Watch Me Grow $299+tax

*4 Separate Sessions, same pregnancy.


  *1 Just a Peek

  *1 Gender Determination

  *1 Mini Session

  *1 Premium Peek

 *Printed images also digitally sent to phone or email.

 *Add ons available.

 *VALID Monday-Friday ONLY.  No Rescans or discounts. Payment in full at first appointment. Not responsible for booking or completing all sessions. 




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Gift Certificates Available


Add to any package:

*Add an Extra 10 minutes!  Want more time to watch and bond with your baby? Add an extra 10 minutes to your full price package for just $29! Please request this in the Note section when booking online. 

* Heartbeat Animals. We can record your baby's heartbeat and place it into a keepsake heartbeat animal to be cherished by yourself and loved ones. We have a variety of over 80 animals to choose from. $29-$49

* Custom Photo Album App. Share your ultrasound images and video with friends and family right on your mobile device or computer. Upload to social media, email. $29. Add to app for just $15 at each following session during the same pregnancy. 

* Gender Reveal Balloon. He or She? Pop To See! $25

* Gender Reveal Baseball, Soccer Ball, Basketball and Target. $29

* Gender Reveal Football. $39

* Gender Reveal Silly Strings. 2 pack/$25

* Gender Reveal Clay Targets. 2 pack/$29

*Gender Reveal Smoke Stick, Confetti or Powder Cannon. $25 

Go to our Facebook page to see albums of images. Check out the Before & After album to see side by side comparison pictures.

Make An Appointment: Service

Peace of Mind-Just a Peek $49+tax

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